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RGB partners with Aquarian brick cladding systems

aquarian brick cladding

RGB now partner with Aquarian Cladding Systems to offer the GEBRIK Insulating Brick Cladding System, proven and used extensively in projects throughout Europe since 1982.

Traditional – With over 500 clay brick finishes and colours in a range of sizes complete with stretcher, stack bond and Flemish bond options GEBRIK provides an authentic brick finish.

Durable – Acting as a durable , waterproof over cladding- Gebrik is a robust, watertight external cladding system that can be applied to new and existing buildings.

Thermal – Gebriks exceptional thermal performance delivers low U Values with a minimal wall thickness.

Accreditation – BBA Certified and with full third party accreditation for minimum design life of 30 years.

Download the Aquarian brick cladding brochure for more details or call our team on 0115 985 9100

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