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Clay Paving

over 25 years serving the construction industry

Our clay paving range offers a number of colours and texture with everything from traditional autumnal colours to black, blues and greys. Clay is a natural material offering strength and durability with a lifespan of over a century, clay pavers also provide longevity to any project.

Clay pavers offer a perfect solution for projects with consistently high footfall without impacting both the visual or technical performance. Once laid, clay remains easy to maintain and is the perfect solution for all landscape projects where impact and wear and tear are key factors.

Clay pavers can be laid either flexibly or using rigid construction and are suitable for all schemes, from domestic pedestrian to heavy vehicular traffic.

The range of pavers include:

Tumbled Pavers – suitable for a heritage or traditional look or a contemporary mixed texture effect.

Watersrtuck Pavers – a technique using water within the moulding and de-moulding process which adds character, leading to a more natural and random textural effect.

Dutch Pavers – offer a distinctive geometric and aesthetic look for large urban areas. These are offered in mixed reds, creams and greys.

Baggeridge Pavers – rustic, worn and weathered appearance perfect for both commercial and domestic projects.

Clay pavers are offered in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and can be installed in numerous different laying patterns.

Key benefits:

  • Strong and durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Longevity
  • No dull or fading products
  • Breadth of colour and textures
  • Colour blends – mix and texture
  • Sustainability


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