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Facing Bricks – UK & Imported

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Facing Bricks - UK & Imported

over 25 years serving the construction industry

RGB are one of the country’s largest independent distributors of clay facing bricks. Sourced from both the UK and Europe, we deliver over 30 million bricks per year to all sectors of the construction industry.

Partnering with UK & European Brick Manufacturers, RGB offer an extensive range of all brick types to meet project requirements with regards to aesthetics and budget.
Brick Types Available:

Extruded Wirecut – Using modern methods of brick manufacturing, low moisture clay is extruded through a die to form a column, this column of clay is then cut with wires to split the clay into individual bricks. Extruded (wirecut) bricks come in a large range of colours and textures such as sanded, rolled, dragfaced and rusticated.

Soft Mud – Stock Bricks – The manufacturing process for stock bricks is very similar to the old techniques of producing handmade bricks. Clay is thrown into a mould to form the brick shape, these moulds are lubricated with water or sand to keep the clay from sticking, it is possible to create textured stock bricks as well as water struck and sand struck flat stocks.

Handmade – Although the majority of brick production is now done on large-scale machinery, the art of handmade bricks is still very much alive. Clay is thrown into individual moulds by hand, once the brick shape has been formed in the mould it is removed by hand ready for drying. Once dry the bricks are fired in a kiln, cooled then packed again by hand.

Reclaimed Bricks – Rescued from old buildings, inspected and cleaned up for re-use on new buildings and extensions, reclaimed bricks can offer access to unusual sizes and styles of brick which may no longer be available.


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